Marine wonderland at the tip of Sulawesi

On the Coastal Bay of Laikang, Dusun Puntondo, South Sulawesi, you will find the wonderful of the sea at the end of Sulawesi.

Puntondo Beach has calm and natural waves, villages that still uphold local wisdom, house on stilts inhabited by friendly people. By staying at the Ecolodge Puntondo, you are not only get cool experiences but also explore the beauty of marine life that is rich with coral reefs and seagrasses.

In Puntondo Beach, ┬áthere are 9 types of seagrasses from 12 species in Indonesia. You also contribute in supporting the activities of “mangrove forest conservation and sustainable tourism”.

Puntondo was established as a complement and outlet for activity of the Puntondo Environmental Education Center.

Puntondo Environmental Education Center aims to increase awareness toward the preservation of marine ecosystems and the importance of consuming marine products to support the economy of the local community and the proper implementation and management of ecotourism.