Ecolodge Puntondo is located in Tanjung Puntondo, Laikang Bay, precisely in Puntondo village, Laikang Village, Mangarabombang District, Takalar Regency, South Sulawesi. In Laikang Bay this is the entire Ecolodge Puntondo activity carried out with the flagship program of the Sea and Coastal Ecosystems. The Marine Ecosystem is located in a conservation area about 500 meters from the lips of Laikang Beach.

Ecolodge Puntondo is surrounded by white sand and anyone who visits will experience the magnificent panoramic views of the countryside with relative strong winds. The uniqueness of the local tradition of the majority of the people is fish and seaweed fishermen and houses on stilt belong to the fishermen, becoming the main attraction for visitors to the Ecolodge Puntondo. Puntondo village is 60 km from Makassar City, its access is very easy and only takes 2 hours by private vehicle.

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Ecolodge Puntondo
Dusun Puntondo, Takalar
Sulawesi Selatan. Indonesia
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