Fishing and Roasting Fish

Learning traditional fishing techniques and learning how to catch fish at Laikang bay. Supervising fish, seeing lobster / fish cultivation in community cages. In this activity participants will be invited with fishermen to fish in the sea of ​​Laikang Bay in the traditional way using fishing rods and homemade bait.

Some types of fish with high economic and nutritional value are the target of the catch but still consider the size and standards that can be captured and consumed.

When in the sea participants are invited to see some environmentally friendly fishing gear such as serobila, charts, and nets for crabs and cages for fish and lobster cultivation.

Direct catches can be roasted and eaten with a typical Puntondo sauce with a beach atmosphere and gusts of wind and waves.

Bird Watching and Planting Mangroves

Seeing and getting information about birds in the observation area. Learning the relationship between birds in human life. Knowledge of mangroves and their differences and uniqueness. How to plant mangroves.

Participants / guests who take this package will be invited to see and observe birds around Laikang Bay with the Mangrove ecosystem as their habitat.

These bird species are typical around the waters of Laikang Bay and Mangrove ecosystems such as Stork (condo in the local language) and Cekakak (kingfisher sp) and other shorebirds.

It is desirable that guests understand the need to maintain the mangrove ecosystem as the home for the birds and indirectly recognize several types of mangroves in the conservation area while participating in Mangrove planting activities by observing mangroves, knowing how to seed and methods of planting seeds mangrove.

Cultivation and Processed Seaweed Products

Seaweed production method. Seaweed production and its importance for puntondo beaches. Harvest seaweed and its production history. Making food products from seaweed.

Puntondo village with its unique area surrounded by sea and located in Laikang Bay gets calm water and is very suitable in seaweed cultivation. Approximately 95% of the people in Puntondo village are fishermen cultivating seaweed with several types of seaweed that will be processed by the factory into food ingredients and cosmetics and medical ingredients.

Some types of seaweed can also be processed into food products that have economic value as additional household income.

This is what will be shown in this package where participants or guests will be shown how to cultivate seaweed, nursery methods and planting to harvest and know the history of seaweed cultivation started by the community.

As well as making processed seaweed products into food.

Marine Watching

See the coral reef conservation area in the bay of Laikang, knowledge of coral reefs and their benefits to the coast and residents. Located at the southern foot of Sulawesi Island, Puntondo has a beautiful sea in the Laikang Bay region and is located within the Coral Triangle region. Because of that Puntondo sea has beautiful coral reefs with various types and marine biota in it.

Coral reefs are home where fish and other marine animals live with high economic and nutritional value. But on the other hand, human activity in the sea is also a threat to coral habitat and its biota. For this reason, in this package we will look at marine conservation areas especially coral reefs and enjoy the underwater scenery while learning how to take action to save coral reefs by transplanting coral reefs to accelerate growth and increase habitat.

From here, we will learn the importance of the sea to the people around the coast of Puntondo, how their lives depend on the sea and how the sea remains sustainable from people’s treatment of the sea in order to remain sustainable.

Kondo Beach

As a coastal and marine area, Puntondo village has a Mangrove ecosystem along its coastline. This mangrove is very synonymous with the Stork which is called “Kondo” by the local community.

The Herons or Kondo are very numerous in the Puntondo area until according to history and hereditary news that this is the origin of the village called Puntondo or Pulau Kondo or condo area.

While enjoying the nature of the sea and the coast, we will be invited to enjoy the coconut fruit which is plucked directly in the tree while listening to the historical story of Kampung Puntondo from elderly parents.

Walking around the village on foot and biking  while talking to friendly local people with their natural life.

The history of puntondo and the relationship between condo birds and the name of the village Puntondo. Coconut harvest with the community.