About Us

Ecolodge Puntondo was established to support the activities of the Puntondo Environmental Training Center (PPLH Puntondo) which is managed by the Puntondo Environmental Education Foundation.

The main purpose of establishing the Ecolodge Puntondo is to promote ecotourism in that region.

We achieve this by spreading information about environmental conservation and through environmentally friendly management. Preservation activities and their implementations are delivered to both guests who only visit and guests who stay overnight as a manifestation of concern for mangrove forest conservation and sustainable tourism.

The benefits that obtained by the Ecolodge Puntondo are reinvested to support environmental education activities and community development programs managed by PPLH Puntondo and the Puntondo Environmental Education Foundation

By staying at Ecolodge Puntondo means that you have contributed to the preservation and conservation efforts of Mangrove Forests and coral reefs on the coast of Puntondo.